The Modern Boho woman is an independent thinker who opts for a relaxed style whilst maintaining sophistication. She enjoys discovering versatile pieces that can be worn throughout the year, regardless of the weather. She is a wandering nomad, a free spirit.

This is exactly what the founder of The Modern Boho, Jacinda Heather, has incorporated into her brand. Growing a passion for clothing since her teenage years, Jacinda was the girl with scissors in hand, crafting ripped or cut-off jeans, infusing her unique touch into a garment.

 “The platform shoe became my signature during the '90s, and trips to London and New York saw me gain insight into the world’s most iconic fashion scene. I sported geometric bobs, inspired by the Mary Quant era of the '60s, and drew inspiration from the simple clothing shapes of the same period in my dress style," reminisces Jacinda.

 After exploring various fashion trends throughout her life, Jacinda's taste became more refined while at the same time noticing a lack of well-crafted, comfortable yet stylish clothing for Australian women over 30. This inspired her to create The Modern Boho. Jacinda says, its bohemian style retold in a contemporary way. The label emphasises timeless designs in earthy colours with a consistent monochrome style, which also means no patterns. 

 “For many women, patterned styles can be overwhelming and make us appear larger than we are, especially as our bodies change over time. What may have suited us in our 20s and 30s may not be suitable for us in our 40s, 50s, and beyond,” explains Jacinda. The labels no pattern rule means there is no 'use by date' and the designs remain timeless and can be worn season after season. Big tick in today's world of fast fashion.  

The mood of the TMB label draws inspiration from the savannas of an African safari, the woodlands of the English countryside, and the outback of Australia where comfort, breathability, and layering are essential components for the outfit.

Jacinda and her team understand that how a woman dresses can significantly impact how she feels. “For us The Modern Boho woman should dress to feel comfortable in their own skin and level up their confidence, no matter what body size or shape, without breaking the bank”.

 “By cleverly adding a few key pieces from our collection, women can build a capsule wardrobe in a financially and environmentally conscious manner. We focus on genuine premium materials across all our collections for superior feel as well as longevity”.

 All fabrics are ethically sourced, and Jacinda ensures fair trade principles apply to all the partners the label collaborates with.

 Customers have the option to shop online or enjoy a personal styling session with Jacinda and her team at Imagine That Lifestyle, her fashion and lifestyle store located in Perth. The store's interior is a sensory delight, featuring the aroma of leather and incense, plush textured furnishings, as well as striking African artworks and resin bullhead hangings displayed on the walls.

 “You can feel the calming colour palette of our premium linen clothing and experience the luxurious feel. As a service boutique, we take pride in assisting our customers with our expertise in interior design, art, and fashion,” says Jacinda.

Nods to Jacinda’s time in the 80's living in cowboy town USA are reflected in the label’s Western aesthetic apparel; cowgirl boots; hats and rodeo jackets which are often custom-made for our customers. The Modern Boho’s footwear line embodies its distinctive style: bohemian comfort combined with high-quality materials.

For the Australian winter season, the label is focusing on exploring new designs in their collections of ladies' leather jackets.

Look out for the new TMB Original, TMB Crop, and TMB Trench launching soon! Also new to the range for winter is the TMB Blazers in their signature earthy colour palette.

More exciting designs will be launching across the TMB label in the coming months so stay tuned!

Article by: Rahima Saikal 


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